Experience Könkkölä Farm

Before I came to Finland, I didn’t know what to expect at my internship. I didn’t know the target group I had to work with, I didn’t know how I had to go there and I didn’t know who were able to speak English.

My mentor placed me at this internship because I had experience with working on a care farm. I tried to look on the website to get some information but that was kind of hard to find. The only thing I understood is that they were working with unemployed people.

At my first day my tutor teachers from Finland came with me to show me the place and to get to know the place themselves. I met Anna right away and got into the car with her to go to another place with some animals. From this moment on I got to know the co-workers/participants a little bit, but it was hard because not everyone was able to speak English. But Anna explained some things to me, so I got to know what to expect the next upcoming weeks. I was joining the Fauna-team.

During the rest of my internship we went to a couple of farms where we worked for the farmer, the farmer told us something about the farm and we got to see the animals. I really enjoyed those days because everyone was excited to be there and we saw a lot of different places. Other days I stayed at the Könkkölä Farm itself and the things I did here depended on the day and the things that needed to be done.


One day I joined some kind of therapy with two participants, what was really interesting. I also did some gardening a couple of days and one day of cleaning. Last Wednesday we had a summer opening at Könkkölä where I was taking pictures for them, it was really nice to see everyone doing those little activities and taking care of the animals together. I also organized one crafting activity myself where everyone could draw on a plate of cup in delftsblauw, this is something a lot of Dutch people have in their houses.

One week of my internship I was at an international course from Erasmus+ together with Pauliina. I met a lot of people from all over Europe and we got so many information about youth unemployment and some inspirational presentations from different people/organizations. We also visited some places together which were pretty amazing to see!

I think I’ve learned a lot because this internship is different from the internships I did in The Netherlands. At my internship in The Netherlands I always stay at one place and we have the same schedule every week. Every participant has his own goals to reach and get some help to achieve those goals. The participants don’t have to be unemployed to be there, most of them have some mental issues or need help to get a working rhythm.


Here at Könkkölä I’ve learned new methods and some kinds of therapy. I think they have a lot of creative ways to do therapy and this could make it easier for the participants to speak about their issues or the things they want to achieve.

Now that I’m here for almost 6 weeks a lot of participants tried to communicate with me, even tough some off them find it pretty hard to speak English. I really enjoyed staying with all of you during my visit to Finland and wish you good luck in the future. Keep up the good work 😊



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